Which Blender to Choose in The Workplace?

Kitchen Blender for Workplaces

Anyone who has a restaurant business, such as a Bar or Pub but also a real Juicy bar, must necessarily have something to do with the blender. Juicing is the name that defines the habit of drinking fruit and vegetable-based juices, which are, however, made with blenders and similar machines to ensure that all the nutrients and vitamins from fruit and vegetables can be acquired. At the moment, on the market, there are many blenders that can offer the possibility of juicing in an optimal way.

Nowadays there are many people who consume smoothies and centrifuges at the bar and they do it, especially in the summer period when the heat and the heat are the masters and the body needs healthy nutrients and mineral salts. The same reason why juicing is so popular at the bar is taken into consideration by the people who then buy the blender to keep at home. And if we are the ones who have a work environment open to the public and we intend to offer this service, we cannot underestimate this article which was made specifically to give you an idea of which blender to choose in the workplace.

The choice of the blender in the various workplaces

Considering if you are looking for a blender for your pub, restaurant, or bar, probably the reason that leads you to consider the blender is different in each of these cases. In a bar, the blender will only be used to create smoothies, smoothies, and cocktails, while in a restaurant, it will probably be part of the work equipment that is hidden in the kitchen and which will be used to create your creams and soups based on vegetables and sauces that you will need to decorate the dishes and delight the most refined palates of your loyal customers. The same goes for a restaurant-pub where the blender can be present behind the scenes or on the work surface, open and visible to the public.

We make this consideration with regard to the visibility of the blender when we choose the blender suitable for the work environment, and we must also consider where this will end up: whether it will be visible to customers or not. In the first case, we should pay attention and put a little more consideration also on the type of design and how much the blender is not only functional but also beautiful and aesthetically attractive.

Of course, it is good to consider several other aspects and not just aesthetics. A good blender is essential in the workplace: it is important that it is multifunctional, that it has a certain power, and that it respects an adequate proportion of quality and price. In order to create quality smoothies rich in mineral salts, vitamins, and phytonutrients that can be assimilated by the body, it is necessary to start with an excellent quality blender, which among other things, has a good capacity to able to prepare a fair amount of smoothie at the same time.

Important features in the blender

Therefore, quality and price are important, but there are other elements to consider. Among these the capacity, size, power, price, durability over time, etc. let’s see these characteristics better and let’s analyze them together.

Massive use

While it is true that all blenders can make smoothies, it is not equally true that all blenders make the same type of smoothie. When you buy, ask yourself how many people you will need from time to time and if the working environment is not that of a bar where at most you can make smoothies for 5-6 people, in an environment like a restaurant where you will have to blend vegetables and condiments for at least twenty dishes, you will need a professional blender; which therefore has an engine of at least 1000-2000 watts and has a jug of at least 4 liters. Alternatively, you could use the hand blender: in this way, you will not have to worry about the amount of content you will have to blend.

Size and capacity of the professional blender

There is not much to go around it: a quality blender will not look small and compact, but on the contrary, it will be quite showy and gigantic; it will have a large and capacious jug so that it can accommodate a large quantity of food to be processed. And if you have limited space, we advise you to find the right location as this will be the best choice you will make in order to be able to count on a good investment that will bring you, customers. Think that if a customer is fond of juicing and smoothies in general, from the moment he finds a smoothie of bad taste, with lumps or arranged, he will immediately look for it elsewhere. It is essential that the blender makes smooth, homogeneous compounds without too much air inside. Considering the price of a smoothie at the bar, it is important that your service is efficient. To be able to guarantee this, invest money and buy a good professional appliance.

Product maintenance and longevity

It is natural to also think about maintenance and therefore cleaning operations, how simple they are to carry out and how much time and effort they will take us away. In the workplace and professionally, it is good not to waste time and indeed optimize it, so if you are wondering which is the best blender to sanitize, the answer is the glass and removable one with all the components that go directly into the dishwasher. The glass product is, among other things, highly appreciated in the sight of the customer who, when he sees it glistening on the worktop, will be more inclined to buy a good smoothie, sure to receive a product processed in a good appliance that is also well cleaned.

The durability of the blender is instead an aspect linked to the quality of the materials: if we choose important materials such as glass, ecological Tritan plastic, metal, and stainless steel, we can be sure that our blender will last a long time. Likewise, a good professional and powerful motor will last longer than a 500-600 watt one that would be continually strained to do a job it is not supposed to do as it was built.

Power and details that make a professional blender

The greater the power of the blender and, therefore, the better the motor, the faster your smoothie will be obtained, regardless of the amount of food you put inside the jug. Professional motors cannot go below 1000 watts, and those who have a restaurant business cannot think of getting the maximum performance from a blender that is used in the home and therefore has a power of 600 watts. Furthermore, the higher the wattage, the greater the handling and ease of use. Work-related accidents decrease considerably as the lid closures on the jug themselves, and the cables that maintain power are reassured.

The lid of the jug and the handle are always hermetically closed, and the interlock function inside the professional blender must always be present to prevent the worker at work during a moment of rush from accidentally getting hurt with the blades while trying to sanitize the blender.

In addition to the interlock function, the silence of the blender is also absolutely important and must be respected in order not to disturb customers and other professionals. In an environment where the blender is used a lot, this aspect becomes fundamental.

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