Which Blender for Kneading? Complete Guide

Blender for Kneading Dough

Who has never needed a blender at home? But especially lately, who hasn’t thought of buying a machine capable of blending and kneading? If you still have no idea of the existence of such a machine, know that in reality, it exists and is the multifunction blender, more properly called a food processor because of its enormous capabilities and, above all, for the very varied performances that embrace almost all of the actions we do in the kitchen.

What does the blender do when kneading?

With a blender capable of kneading, we can afford not only to blend but also to mince, mix, squeeze citrus fruits, reduce into flour into smooth compounds to make sauces and condiments, and prepare preserves for the winter and ice creams. Summer, but above all, in addition to kneading a blender that has this function, it can also generally cook. In short, a real robot that does everything and has a machine body that can be easily separated from the bowls we use, which can then be easily and easily placed in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning and deep hygiene.

The beauty of the mixers that knead is that they are totally different from the classic verticalized blenders: they have a more compact and wider machine body with a bowl and many varieties of different whips and hooks, each suitable for precise use.

We can therefore use it as a food processor, a citrus squeezer, a food processor, and a mixer. It has as accessories bowls of different capacities and sizes and whips and hooks for the preparation of different dishes.

Blender motor

The power of the engine is an element that plays a key role, especially in models that require an important job such as that of the dough. Some models, depending on the brand, of course, have a wide variety of choices in the selection of the speed of use, thus allowing you to use the engine in a different way every time, taking advantage of the power you need, no more and no less. Normally these multifunction blenders, since they perform a myriad of jobs on different levels, work at very high powers and therefore need a large enough bowl where you can insert all the amount of food necessary for the preparation of that particular food.

For a large family, of course, the robot in question is the ideal solution. However, kneading the pizza requires a lot of manual work that can easily be replaced by the motor of a robot. Some of these blenders have an operating system that goes by direct diffusion of the motor and therefore do not use the timing belt, but generally, they are robots with a much lower wattage than other appliances of this kind, but if you want another kind of power, then we suggest the classic motors enclosed in a hard plastic casing or metal which in any case do not undergo any kind of deformation.

The rule to choosing the right motor is to choose high power if you work a lot with the appliance and consequently die-cast metal coating.

Robot technology

Since the first blenders appeared, thinking that today they are also capable of kneading is truly incredible. Yet it is all a matter of technology that goes on and improves more and more, bringing notable changes in the life of each of us who often do not have time to devote ourselves to cooking due to tight times and frenetic rhythms.

In recent years, the mixers that knead have an intrinsic movement that is called ” planetary mixer. ” This movement is specific and particular because it always manages to keep the dough well in the center, avoiding spills on the sides of the edge. We can therefore make, thanks to the exploitation of this technology, any base for cakes, bread, and pizza, and we can be sure that even the intrinsic secrets of the movements are well done. In addition to the dough for pizza, desserts, and pasta, we can also whip and emulsify cream and egg white and then use a single machine that does everything, simply changing the whips and hooks and getting to work simply by pressing the button.

Safety issue

Of course, when we talk about these very special kitchen items, we cannot fail to refer to safety or neglect this aspect. Today’s kitchen robots are made with particular attention to the safety aspect both for those who use the machine and for the machine itself. The first factor that makes us understand how safe these products are is the system that is now integrated into almost all blenders of this kind and which consists in blocking the motor when it starts to overheat. So there is no danger of leaving the robot on for longer and causing damage or even starting the blender unintentionally when you are sanitizing it since the interlock function does not allow its action if all the hooks are not well arranged between them.

Kneading Whip and blend

As we have said, therefore, these special appliances blend and knead. As for the dough function, the blender of this category uses special shovels and whisks to mix and knead, creating the basis for any kind of dough possible and imaginable: it is possible to make the base for pizza, sponge cake, ‘dough for pancakes, etc.. As for the execution of the blending, the robot in question can, of course, also blend and create the basis for tasty fruit smoothies, vegetable cubes, vegetable purees, fresh sorbets to offer to our guests at home, and homemade ice cream with simple ingredients that we can give to our children as well as tasty and fresh summer smoothies. We can, therefore, really make anything without problems and simply using a single blender that, albeit with some more investment, certainly offers us a complete solution.

In addition to the dough function and the ability to blend, we can also whip and then create many very special creams such as guacamole, hummus, zabaglione, and mayonnaise. All are simply homemade. The beauty is that the preparation time of a cake, both as regards the base and as regards the creams inside, becomes totally different, reducing drastically.

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