What to blend with the blender?

What to Blend with a Blender

There are different types of blends. Among all, there is the one that perhaps falls within the most practical and fast versions: the hand blender or immersion blender.

The difference compared to the classic blender is that this is certainly smaller and more compact, that is, less bulky, and is used to blend food directly into pots or bowls.

The hand blender, also commonly known as the "immersion blender," has a structure that makes it more manageable and practical than the classic one. In fact, it can be grasped by the hand, and thanks to the non-slip coating, the handle is even more ergonomic.

Once the blender is held, it can be started quite quietly by pressing a simple button at multiple speeds. Just hold it and dip it in what you want to blend, and that's it. A few minutes, and your mixture is ready.

The bell design that covers the blades, on the other hand, will serve to limit the splashes generated by the blender.

But what can you blend with a blender? What are its limits, and what are its strong points?

How many ways can the blender be used?

First of all, it depends on how many and which accessories our hand blender is supplied with:

  • If the whips also come out in the kit, then we are able to beat the cream, the eggs, and the egg whites, all very useful things if we intend to make a dessert.
  • If there is also the possibility of starting the chopper function, then you can mince both the meat and the julienne-style vegetables to make excellent salads; you can also mash the potatoes for a puree or crush the ice to enjoy a good drink.
  • If we also had the function of the hook, then it would be possible to work the more complicated doughs such as those of pasta and bread.
  • Last but not least, the basic function of the blender remains that of cutting fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the rod with the blade present in the bell, they result in excellent smoothies and homemade sauces.

In addition, provided, you will also have a convenient container where you can immerse the blender and start the smoothie.

What can be prepared?

Many use the blender to prepare excellent DIY sauces:

  • There are those who combine basil, pine nuts, garlic, oil, and salt and make an excellent pesto.
  • For the lovers of legumes, on the other hand, an alternative to the usual dishes could be a nice bean sauce blended with fragrant spices so as to have delicious sauces always ready.
  • For those with small children, the blender is very useful for preparing baby food.
  • Just as it can be useful for making vegetable purees and obviating even the tastes of those slightly more complicated children.
  • On those sultry summer days, on the other hand, take some ice, some fruit, milk, and sugar and blend everything. You will have excellent milkshakes to taste.

Make sure your blender is capable of crushing ice, otherwise, the blades will break, or the motor will burn. An alternative is to use previously refrigerated fruit.

All this is possible with a useful and functional blender, and for those who do not have one yet, this is the time to consider the idea.

You go in a hurry, and you don't know what to prepare: the hand blender is what can save your life.

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