What is Cold-Pressed Juice? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Cold-pressed is the new summer trend: here are the reasons why it is worth supplementing your diet with this natural juice.

Cold-pressed juices are an important daily complement to a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients. Although fashion has only recently taken off, the first cold extractions were already conceived several decades ago. The principle behind squeezing is very simple: being able to extract as much juice as possible from a fruit or vegetable, avoiding the denaturation of enzymes or the splitting of nutrients due to industrial pasteurization. The result, which keeps the natural properties of the food intact, is obtained with a hydraulic press capable of dripping a very pure and delicious juice.

What is the difference between cold-pressed and pasteurized juice?

The key difference between the two lies in the freshness; A pasteurized juice can arrive on our tables already “old” for at least 12 months; that is the time required for pressing, pasteurization, and then storage and transport. Pasteurization is a process that brings food at very high temperatures, destroying possible sources of infection and, with them, a large part of beneficial nutritional qualities. The cold-pressed juice keeps all its enzymes and vitamins unchanged. However, it is kept only for a period of about 72 hours.

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What should a cold-pressed juice label look like?

A cold-pressed juice worthy of the name must have an essential ingredient list. When purchasing a cold-pressed juice, it is advisable to check that it says “100% organic” to avoid possible contaminating factors. Also, always check the expiration date: if it is a real cold-pressed juice, it will expire in a few days.

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How many calories does cold-pressed juice contain?

Cold-pressed juices taste delicious, but they could be a far more caloric choice than a vegetable platter. The reason is very simple: to extract a glass of juice; it is necessary to squeeze many more fruits than we would be willing to eat.

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Why choose cold-pressed juice?

Complementing your diet with cold-pressed juice is ideal for a balanced vitamin intake without having to eat large quantities of fruit and vegetables at all costs. Cold-pressed juice is a practical, simple, and quick way to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat daily. A good juice is easy to drink, delicious, and never boring.