What Is A Blender With A Cooking Function?

Cooking Blender

Are you a lover of cooking with the desire to always experiment with new recipes? Have you ever imagined being able to cook your food directly from the blender?

Yes, one of the most recent methods introduced to blenders is that of cooking food.

Let’s go and discover all its features!

How does it work?

The operation is identical to any classic blender: this is also equipped with a motor body and a jug that can be made of glass or plastic.

Here, too, just insert the ingredients into the container, close it with the lid, and start processing, but there is something more.

The food processor

We are at the highest levels here! Those we are talking about have far surpassed blenders by taking the name of ” Food Processors. ”

This cutting-edge type allows you to cook, roast, grind, mix, mince, knead and whip whatever you want. Obviously, remaining with the basic functions of a common blender.

Technical features

It is a robot equipped with two different powers, one for stirring and one for heating, one cold and one hot.
You can choose 3 levels of temperature, low, medium, and high, from 30 to 200º.

Once you have chosen the level of heat, you switch to the stirring power to mix the ingredients during cooking. Usually, they are found with a 500 W motor and 1000 W heating power, such as to reach 25,000 – 30,000 rpm, but they can also reach 1550 Watts in the most performing models.

Of course, for the type of preparation, you will need a larger bowl than normal. In fact, they are equipped with quite large bowls, from 1.5 liters to 6.7 liters in volume. There will be jugs in stainless steel but also in tempered glass. The plastic parts are completely BPA-free.

There are 12 levels of speed, temperature, and working time available, which can be set manually using a few buttons, sometimes a control knob, or directly the full touch display.

Food processor components

In addition to being composed of 8 super sharp stainless steel blades that create a much stronger vortex to blend ingredients in seconds, these robot chefs also have jugs complete with measuring levels and built-in scales.

In addition, they are equipped with suction cup feet that ensure stable positioning, which prevents movement during use and avoids scratching tables or worktops.

As for accessories, these machines are designed to be whole, so they are often equipped with them.

There are blades to make julienne or sliced cuts of vegetables; sometimes, they are equipped with butterfly mixers for good mixing; other times, they have blade attachments to prepare risotto. But there are also other additional components that allow you to grind grains, homogenize, centrifuge, browse, draw pasta, peel potatoes and squeeze citrus fruits. Basic accessories that can never be missing, however, are a basket for cooking rice and meat or the attachment for steaming vegetables or fish.

In short, you can really have fun!

User guide

Here are some simple steps to follow to make the most of your robot chef.

  • If just bought, mount the device
  • Wash and clean it both before using it and after using it
  • Cut the larger ingredients you want to work into small pieces
  • If there is, remove the lid of the jug and add the ingredients
  • Close the lid and choose between the various types of preparation (the robot will start only when the closure is clicked). Once the processing mode and temperature have been selected, the cooking machine will be ready to go

How does it cook?

There are two types of devices: those work like a normal plate and go to electricity. Once the temperature has been selected, the electrical resistance will heat up to the level set on the thermostat in order to cook and heat.

There are the most innovative robots that, on the other hand, work like the new induction hobs: a coil creates a magnetic field that converts into heat once transferred to the jug.
While neither method particularly affects electricity bills, the second method uses even less energy than the first.

  • When the time has elapsed or when the consistency seems the desired one, you can open the lid and empty the container.
  • Washing: like any blender, you can either add water with soap and vinegar and/or baking soda and start the engine for a few seconds or by breaking down the various parts and put them in the dishwasher. Make sure they can go!

What can be done

The food processor is truly the perfect 360º assistant. The functions of cooking machines are many and vary according to use:


These machines have the main function of cooking food: pasta, rice, soups (mushroom, tomato, pumpkin, etc.), and soups, all inserted and cooked directly inside the device.


With this function, you can whip the egg whites until stiff or the cream for desserts. In addition, sauces such as ketchup or mayonnaise can be prepared.


This function is usually included and allows you to prepare foods such as vegetables, porridge, fish, rice, baby food, and much more.


Not all food processors have this function, but the ones that do have it are a step higher than the others. They can make hard and soft doughs, the first like those of bread or pizza, the second like the dough for cakes. To prepare the cakes, you could also use the robot’s chopper function that allows you to chop walnuts, almonds, or biscuits to use as bases, toppings, and toppings for sweets.

In some cases, you can add whips of various kinds: heart, hook, and wire, which allow you to easily mix, knead and emulsify in a few minutes.

The robots are also capable of frying vegetables, frying potato chips, and grating bread for breadcrumbs or citrus peels. They also allow you to crush ice for drinks and sorbets, make ice cream, or grind dried fruit and spices, such as nutmeg, for bechamel.


This is why, as always, after our brief guide to the world of blenders, you will be the one to choose. Your family, financial needs, and your timing will guide you toward purchasing the best robot chef for you. One thing is certain: with these blenders, you will be true masters and professionals in your kitchens.

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