What Are The Characteristics Of A Quality Blender Jar?

What is the quality of the blender jar?

When we think of the jar of a blender, we must keep in mind the fact that it is a portion of our appliance of central importance: it is the one in direct contact with food.

What difference can this clarification make? A notable difference because it is the main responsible for the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients.

What we ask of the glass of a blender, in fact, is that it does not alter the temperature of the food and that it does not wear out its nutritional properties, making us safe from any possible health risk.

Yes, because even a blender, if used incorrectly or if it is not of quality, can cause some problems that should be avoided. Let’s find out together, therefore, how the jar of a blender must be so that it can be considered of quality.

The tempered glass carafe is the best solution

Although valid alternatives are known, which we will mention, to the tempered glass jar: the latter is certainly the best solution to adopt to preserve your smoothie. It is a very resistant material dedicated to safeguarding the compound from different angles.

It wears less over time, as it is a material suitable for frequent handling. Glass, as it is known, resists scratches or easy fractures, especially when subjected to the temperature process. In addition, it can be easily subjected to heat sources without releasing any harmful substances, unlike plastic.

In addition, in addition to these characteristics, the tempered glass carafe allows you to preserve the nutritional properties of food longer and better, more adequately isolating the external environment from the inside of the glass.

The Tritan carafe is a viable alternative

The Tritan recyclable plastic carafe is another valid solution: it allows you to have quality glass without running into the risk of releasing BPA, the so-called. Bisphenol is harmful to our health, typical of ordinary plastic.

This is a solution that the large blender companies have come up with, with the aim of creating cheaper materials but equally resistant, without the obstacles that would normally be encountered.

Today, we can say that we have recyclable plastic jars on the market that not only respect the environment in the production process to which they are subjected but also allow them to be used easily because they are very handy and light.

But BPA release was a serious problem and still is, especially if you buy a cheap blender with a plain plastic cup. So pay attention to what you buy and think about the possible consequences.

Characteristics of a quality carafe

The other characteristics to consider when choosing a blender that has quality glass is capacity and level indications. A self-respecting carafe has a basic capacity of 1.5 L to allow access to most uses in the kitchen.

There are also larger, multiple capacities, which allow the processing of more full-bodied compounds. Another useful element is the level indications shown on the external bottom. These are important indications in relation to the quantity of compound, especially useful when adding food during processing.

Yet not all jars are equipped with level indicators, despite having good construction characteristics. Among the final considerations, therefore, we urge you to always evaluate what you really need and why.

Your concrete needs will be the only real guide possible in choosing the blender and jar in this particular case. Among the plastic jars on the market, do not forget to choose those that expressly indicate that they are free of bisphenol A.

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