9 Things You Can Make in a Blender

9 Surprising Things You Can Make In A Blender

Everyone has had, has, or would like to have a blender at home. This appliance is equipped with blades that nowadays can work food in an excellent way, creating the basis for many dishes and for making complete and tasty foods. There are so many things we can do besides the classic and traditional fruit smoothie with milk. There are many dishes that we can put in the jug to prepare, even those sauces and those ready-made sauces that we actually buy very often at the supermarket and that are full of preservatives. Therefore, it is possible to create genuine sauces and condiments if we know how to use this appliance at its best.

In this quick and practical guide, we have selected some of the dishes that we can introduce in the blender and the related preparations that we can create. If you have no idea how to use your blender or are planning to buy one soon, then here are some important solutions that can give you an exciting idea.

1. Dried Fruit and Oat Flour

Who doesn’t love flour as a base for making desserts? What is certain is that in good and healthy cooking, the best flour is the one based on real and precious nutrients such as those of almonds and oats. Of course, although there are many ready-made flours on the market, being able to make them at home and having the satisfaction of preparing these with our own hands is quite another thing. If we have oat flakes and almonds at home that we don’t eat and we don’t know how to use, we can choose to make a good flour to use as a base for our healthy and good-to-eat desserts and for our children to taste like our guests. All you need is a good handful of flakes and almonds and to blend everything in our blender. In this case, for the almonds, we will need a very powerful blender with thick blades and with a motor that has at least 700 watts of power.

Be careful not to chop the almonds too much so as not to make them creamy, as they are oily fruits and could blend into a mixture that looks a lot like butter.

2. Chickpea hummus

If you are a lover of good vegetarian cuisine and you like to create sauces based on vegetable proteins, chickpea hummus certainly cannot be missing from your diet. However, hummus is something that is prepared with a good knowledge of the ingredients and a lot of patience. Better than homemade hummus, given how this is sometimes unavailable and difficult to find. To make hummus, we simply have to introduce the chickpeas into the container, which is nothing more than a sesame-based sauce, lemon, oil, and, if you like, even a drop of vinegar. Just operate the blender for a few seconds, and your hummus-based sauce will be ready to be enjoyed on bread or, if you prefer, on pasta as the main condiment.

3. Vegetable and legume burger

If you are tired of eating legumes always cooked in the same way, or you could offer these precious vegetables to your children who may refuse them, you can try blending and making a mixture based on chickpeas or other legumes such as lentils or peas and then create mini burgers based on legumes and vegetables. Start by choosing the legume you prefer and place it in your cooked or otherwise soft blender together with the oil, grated cheese, and vegetables of your choice (whether they are already cooked or, in any case, semi-soft). Once you have blended everything, add the eggs and breadcrumbs and form balls or make the shape of the hamburger.

4. Pesto

Pesto is a very good sauce typical of the Liguria region, based on basil. Ready-made pesto can be found galore in supermarkets, but let’s face it: buying basil or even being able to pick it from your garden and make a good pesto sauce offers a feeling of greater satisfaction. Just add basil, pine nuts, oil, garlic for those who like it, and grated cheese in our blender. Alternatively, we can also use the immersion blender that will allow you to blend the pesto directly in the container, where you will then want to keep it. We can choose to use the pesto immediately and season the pasta or a few second dishes, but also freeze it and use it later.

5. Vegetable soups and soups

Especially during the winter season, vegetable and vegetable soups are healthy and unique dishes. Seasonal vegetables can be truly enjoyed in every way, and by making delicious soups and soups, we can also be able to make our children eat these precious foods. Thanks to the blender, it will be very easy to prepare velvety vegetables and soups based on pumpkin, courgettes, spinach, beets, celery, and carrots. If the blender is not powerful enough in the motor, you can always cook the toughest vegetables, such as celery and carrots, first and proceed with processing. Add oil and cheese to taste, add salt at the end and enjoy with croutons or stale bread. In this case, the smoothie can also be made with the immersion blender version, which is certainly more convenient as it allows you not to get too dirty and to be able to do everything in the same pot where we cook the vegetables.

6. Peanut and Nut Butter

Who doesn’t love having breakfast from time to time with a few slices of toast and some peanut butter? Surely sportsmen know something and know how much a jar of peanut butter costs, as well as the difficulty in finding a quality product that does not have too many preservatives inside. Homemade peanut butter is possible if we have our own blender. What we need is a pinch of salt and natural peanuts (or roasted according to taste). A good blender will chop finely with no need to add any other ingredients other than a few drops of water.

7. Breakfast Pancakes

If you like to enjoy homemade pancakes for your breakfast, you will always want to make some the night before. With the blender, you can create the base and make it ready for the next morning, adding the eggs, flour, milk, sugar, and vanillin to the blender. This way, you will have everything ready.

8. Mayonnaise

In order to always have a good tasty and tasty sauce ready to season wraps and homemade sandwiches, there is nothing better than homemade mayonnaise or guacamole. The latter is based on avocado and can be obtained by putting ripe avocado in pieces, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon juice in our blender. For the mayonnaise, on the other hand, vinegar, eggs, lemon, and salt are used. In short, simple but tasty and healthy sauces because are made directly at home.

9. Fruit ice cream and smoothies

Summer, you certainly can’t help but cool off, and sometimes you really want good ice cream or a smoothie that can give you the necessary energy. The fruit-based smoothie rich in minerals and water can be created at home with a good blender. The same goes for our ice cream, especially if we want to give it to the little ones every day and know exactly what’s inside. We can simply use vegetable or cow’s milk, add fruit to taste, and proceed to blend. We can choose to put our smoothies in the freezer and turn them into popsicles if we add only water instead of milk or choose to create tastier ones or consume them immediately.

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