The ideal blenders for powdered sugar

Powdered Sugar

The ideal blenders for icing sugar are a great help in the preparation of sweets and other delicacies. In truth, these are simple blenders with precise characteristics aimed at refining classic sugar.

Powdered sugar blender: this is how it should be

We all have a blender at home. It is a very versatile appliance, which allows us to prepare many dishes: from breakfast to lunch to dinner, there are so many foods that we can blend. One of the functions required of a blender is to reduce a certain ingredient to powder.

For example, you may need to:

  • pulverize dried fruit
  • chop the coffee into beans
  • refine the chopped pistachios
  • create the icing sugar

Each of these operations requires a machine that is able to deal with more than just a simple soft amalgam. Therefore it must be particularly resistant.

  • A blender with the chopper function, in these cases, is ideal. The mincing option, in fact, allows you to process all the grains and refine them into powder in a simple and fast way. Even the icing sugar is easily refined in the food processor, with a truly impeccable result.
  • A hand blender with the ice crusher function is also very good as a tool. It can easily pulverize food grains without causing any problems.
  • Alternatively, the classic blender can be fine but pay attention to the features necessary to avoid excessive overheating and malfunctions. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Classic blender for icing sugar

Those who want to make icing sugar themselves know that just take a handful of traditional sugar and put it in the blender. This operation, however, does not involve any problems whatsoever if you are equipped with a good quality blender, rather powerful, with blades resistant to the most complex processes. If not, a low-end blender will certainly be able to pulverize the sugar, but it will need to be used over multiple sessions.

What is important to underline is that a blender is an appliance designed to process soft, medium consistency, and liquid foods. This means that if we ask him to work on other types of food, we must be sure that he is able to do so. How? Let’s find out right away.

How to choose an icing sugar blender

If you have to buy a blender to process icing sugar, pay attention to these features:

  • From four to six stainless steel blades.
  • A powerful AC motor of 700 W and up.
  • The glass is heat-resistant glass.

The reason for these elements is self-explanatory. The presence of each of these indications, in combination with the others, creates a synergy such as to obtain what is desired in a few minutes. The appliance will be able to withstand the workload and will not experience overheating that could affect subsequent uses. Choose an AC motor. AC, in fact, allows you to sustain long sessions of use. In contrast, DC motors. CC, basic and economic models, require several breaks.

As for the blades, however, it would be better to prefer the models with six and not four. The same must be sufficiently long and wide and with an inclination such as not to allow the food to settle on the bottom without being processed.

Finally, the glass in the carafe makes sense above all for processes that involve a considerable dispersion of heat. It is a material that guarantees ever greater safety and more efficient maintenance of raw materials.

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