Smoothie Vs Milkshake? What is Better?

Smoothie vs Milkshake

We have a blender at home that looks at us anxiously, waiting for us to prepare a dish that the best chefs envy. Yet we don’t know whether to use it and often, we don’t even know the difference between a smoothie and a milkshake. Smoothie or milkshake, what is better? Have you ever wondered? Let’s try to understand it together in this small guide.

Smoothie vs milkshake: the difference

Whether you want to make a smoothie, or are more inclined to a milkshake, know that the blender is all you need to make both. The smoothie is a mix of ingredients that generally does not go beyond the fruit and the vegetable.

It is an often soft but still rather dense compound, which is prepared in a few minutes and does not require any particular precautions. By smoothie, we basically mean passing one or more foods from a solid to a creamy state.

Smoothies normally have fewer calories, high carbs, and low fat. Smoothies are considered healthier than shakes because they’re made from real fruits and vegetables.

When we have to prepare a milkshake, we enter more into the exclusive area of fruit, milk, or ice cream. Yes, because the milkshake is prepared by combining fruit with milk or ice cream: they are inserted together in the blender, and you wait for a cold cream to come out to be enjoyed.

Even more original milkshake formulas are not excluded, prepared with vegetables and the addition of ice cream or sorbets. Let’s say that the kitchen is a highly creative environment that has no limits of execution except those dictated by one’s own imagination.

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Smoothie or milkshake: when to choose one or the other

Assuming that a smoothie means a frothy mixture at room temperature, we can use it for the preparation of complete meals or snacks in an indifferent way.

There are different moments of the day that lend themselves to the preparation of a smoothie: fruit in the afternoon for a snack or in the morning for breakfast, vegetables for lunch or dinner, according to your preferences.

The milkshake, on the contrary, as well as being used as a snack, is an excellent dessert to accompany after meals. There are very beautiful and original culinary combinations that associate the preparation of the milkshake with a combination of grains and biscuits that make the presentation even more scenic.

Therefore, think of the milkshake more like a dessert to be served when you see fit.

Calories from smoothie and milkshake

Let’s now enter the technical area by addressing one of the issues that matter most in terms of nutrition: calories. How many calories does a smoothie have, and how many calories does a milkshake have?

Although they are two similar products, if prepared with high-quality ingredients, the caloric intake of one and the other is considerably different, and the reasons are easily traceable:

  • The milkshake has ice cream in the mixture
  • The smoothie no

By evaluating the number of calories per 100gr of the product, we can say that:

  • An average smoothie has about 37 calories
  • A milkshake, on average, has about 120 calories

As you can see, the difference is not insignificant, especially when compared to periods in which we are particularly attentive to our line. However, it must be said that these numbers can be variable, depending on what we use to prepare both recipes.

For example, to prepare a low-calorie milkshake, we can use vegetable ice cream or a citrus sorbet much lighter than an ice cream creamed with the fats of the cream. In this way, we will always get a cold and sweet cream, but with fewer calories.

Conversely, even a smoothie can have many more calories than shown. Imagine adding dried fruit or cream to your basic smoothie – the calories will certainly increase.

Therefore, in this case, always pay attention to the type of ingredients to use. The rest will then come by itself.

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