How to Make Sorbet with a Blender

blackcurrant sorbet

A blender is enough to prepare delicious sorbets, no other kitchen tool of who knows what kind. In this guide, we want to show you some recipes to give you useful tips, which you will need in the preparation of a delicious dessert, widely used in home and professional menus. Arm yourself with pen and paper and, of course, the blender! Let’s start. Good preparation!

Which blender should I use to make a sorbet?

First of all, you may be wondering if, of all the blender models available, you will have to use a specific type of blender. The answer is No. An ordinary blender is also fine, or a mixer if you prefer: the results will be positive in both cases, provided, however, that you have to do a few more steps with the use of the hand blender.

For the rest: the recipe is easy in both cases. Those who have a batch freezer are even better, those who have a complete kitchen robot will have no problem, but those who only have a simple blender will not be outdone. What matters is that you don’t need an ice cream maker.

The sorbet with the blender: here is a typical recipe

To prepare a sorbet, you will first have to equip yourself with the main fruit in relation to the taste you want to give it. The sorbets are generally citrus, so you can choose to make one with orange, lemon, or even both if you prefer.

Another element that you will need, fundamental for the preparation of the sorbet, is ice. If your blender is equipped with a food processor, you will not have to carry out any preliminary operations. If, on the contrary, it does not have one, know that you will first have to fragment your cubes until you obtain a sort of cold grain.

Chop the ice without a chopper: place the cubes between two or more soft and thick cloths and proceed with a rolling pin or a very solid kitchen utensil that can fragment properly.

In summary, the ingredients you will need for the preparation of the sorbet with the blender are:

  • citrus or fruit of your choice in juice 180 ml
  • sugar 200 gr
  • water 500 ml

The procedure is very simple: we will illustrate it immediately!

Sorbet and blender: together for a quick homemade recipe

To prepare the sorbet, start by adding water (500 ml) and sugar (200 g) to a saucepan and proceed with a slow mixing over very low heat. Once the syrup is obtained, let it cool and add the juice of the citrus fruit or fruit you have chosen.

Once the mixture has cooled, place it in the ice containers and let it rest in the freezer for about 12 hours. Extract the cubes thus obtained and work them as follows.

If you have an ice crusher, put them in the machine and let them work for a few minutes. If you do not have them, proceed with their first fragmentation, as we have suggested previously.

Then pour the grain obtained into the blender and let it work for a few minutes. The result should be a granular cream. If you have a food processor, you can also get a perfect cold, thick cream.

Homemade lemon sorbet is a delicious, refreshing, and very easy-to-make dessert. As you may have noticed, you don’t even need an ice cream maker, the tool we sometimes think is essential for most ice cream and sorbet recipes.

All you need is the blender you have at home. Moreover, the sorbet is also an exquisite dessert, an ideal snack at any time of the day, and suitable for all tastes. With these little tips, you can amaze your loved ones and your friends, and why not even your children with a creative alternative to make them eat fruit?

In addition to sorbets, milkshakes can also be prepared, which are a valid cold alternative with fruit and ice cream. Once again, the blender proves to be our best friend in the kitchen.

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