How to Grind Coffee Beans by Blender

Coffee Grind

The blender is a very practical appliance that we use very often. Blender equipped with a blade generally made of stainless steel, it is also a powerful tool for grinding coffee beans, dried spices, walnuts, almonds, or grating dry bread without particular difficulties. The blender normally has two basic processing speeds. The capacity of the glass is variable. It is equipped with a convenient measuring cap and a non-slip foot. Each blender is therefore designed to remain stationary during the grinding process. It is very suitable for making delicious fruit smoothies, cold coffee, and delicious cocktails.

But how do I grind the coffee? Let’s see it together

Follow these simple steps, and you won’t go wrong:

  • Choose the suitable model
  • Determine the degree of grind
  • Grind at the right time

Once you have determined your preferred grind level, you need to make sure that the grinder is able to do the job.

Blenders with stainless steel blades are very suitable for very rough, rough, or medium grinds. This is the most popular model in Anglo-Saxon countries because the coffee powder it produces is suitable for various types of coffee machines, including cold-pressed ones.

If you need a medium, fine, or very fine grind, you need a good quality blender. A poor type blade, in fact, cannot reach this level, so if you want an espresso or Turkish coffee, you have to buy some type of blender with a grinder included. It is usually a more expensive model than simple serrated blades, but it can be adjusted to get all types of grains.

Finally, if you like to work the “old way,” you can use a hand grinder. You will need to fill the basket with coffee beans and operate the crank to move the internal blade. This is an interesting model, but the same accuracy as the electric model cannot be guaranteed.


Pour the coffee beans into the upper part of the grinder, close the lid and apply some pressure to move the blade that breaks up the coffee.

When to grind coffee?

Grind the beans before making the coffee. You may want to grind to do a “weekly inventory,” even if it’s convenient (so you don’t wake your partner up every morning to the deafening sound of the grinder), but remember that coffee tastes better when the beans have just been chopped.

Follow the instructions. Always follow the instructions for your specific model, but generally, if you are using a grinder, you will need to set the grain size first. If you have a blade model, push the top of the grinder or press the grinder button until you get the grind you need. Finally, if you have a manual model, operate the crank until the beans are of the desired thickness.

Other useful tips

Use a measuring cup. Each cup of coffee requires about 2 tablespoons of beans. Depending on your tastes, there may be some subtle differences, but this is a good rule of thumb. If you like strong coffee, add two tablespoons of beans to the 180ml drink. The combination grinder and coffee machine also play an important role in the taste and strength of the drink. Try to find the right amount to get the best coffee and drink a high-quality cup of coffee. Put the beans in the grinder according to the manufacturer’s instructions and start challenging yourself by making a bar coffee: you will amaze all your friends!

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