How Important is the Capacity for a Blender

The Important of Blender Capacity

The capacity of a blender may not be such an important feature if you use it sporadically and use it for the classic smoothie recipe. On the other hand, when in the kitchen, we want a handyman ally, things change, and even a simple blender can be of great help if it has characteristics in terms of optimal capacity for our recipes.

With this guide, therefore, we want to provide you with some information on the importance of the blender jug capacity and show you how much it can affect the dishes you prepare. Do not be discouraged; following our advice, you will immediately find the blender for you without any difficulty. Let’s begin!

The capacity of the blender varies from case to case

Let’s start with the basic evaluation that usually takes place when we buy any appliance: how many people do we need to cook for? Strange as it may seem, a single person does not have the same capacity requirements as a family’s blender: the quantities of food differ greatly.

It’s one thing to make just one blender a day, and it’s quite another to make four! Here, now, the problem of the capacity of the blender jug is explained, already in relation to the number of diners for which we have to prepare the recipe.

The capacity of the jug depends on the type of use of the blender

Do you use the blender frequently or sporadically? Do you usually make some smoothies every now and then? Do you need to prepare velvety soups and smoothies in addition to the classic smoothie? These questions help you understand why you should choose one jug that is larger than another.

The use you make of your blender will guide you. Those who need to prepare more recipes will need more flexibility in terms of cup capacity. Those who, on the other hand, are used to using the blender for a simple afternoon snack do not have this need.

More capacity means more quantity of ingredients and also more versatility in the preparation of recipes.

The capacity of the blender varies according to the recipes

If you need to know what the ideal capacity for a blender is, based on the various recipes that can be prepared, in this paragraph, you will find some important information. If you just make a few smoothies every now and then and live alone, the jug can have a capacity between 500ml and 1L. This range can also be considered for the preparation of other recipes if made for one or two people maximum.

If, on the other hand, in addition to the smoothie, you need a blender that can support you in the preparation of velvets, soups, and creams, then opt for a capacity of 1.5 L upwards. Even if you only have to cook for one person, this increased capacity will allow you to work better with the foods needed to prepare more complete meals than a simple snack.

If you need an all-in-one blender for a whole family, you can opt for capacities ranging from 2.6 L onwards. With this ability, you will have free access to all kinds of recipes.

The capacity of the blender jug: final considerations

In addition to the capacity of the carafe, we advise you to also consider its composition material. Choosing a tempered glass one will make a difference in the kitchen because it will allow you to preserve the nutritional properties of food and work it at its best.

Another useful indicator is the presence of capacity measures expressed in ml. The measuring incisions, present in the blender cup, will show you the quantities you are working on in real-time, determining the possible addition of additional ingredients in the best possible way.

Finally, remember to combine the capacity of the blender with adequate power in Watts. This combination will be optimal in the culinary yield because it will combine prowess with capacity: the two main elements in terms of the preparation of the dishes.

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