High-End And Medium-High-End Blenders

High-End And Medium-High-End Blenders

There are some important factors that should not be underestimated when it comes to blenders and their choice. In order to choose the absolute best blender, you need to keep in mind some requirements regarding the structure, functions, and materials. Although it is a commonly used appliance, you cannot risk making mistakes and choosing an appliance that is not suited to your needs. In fact, nowadays, blenders are not all the same, and each of them carries out particular and specific functions. In order to recognize the best blender, therefore, we suggest you read this practical guide that we have written for you.

The medium-high range blenders have very specific characteristics, perform their functions in a very efficient and fast way, and have a particularly handy and practical structure to use. These are the most expensive products on the market, but they are also easier to use, to wash, and with durability beyond the ordinary.

Characteristics of a quality blender

First of all, the blenders of this range have a very powerful motor, with a power that generally varies from a minimum of 1200 watts to a maximum of 2000 – 2200 watts. These are motors designed for the heaviest and most complex jobs, but also for those massive uses over time of the blender. For those who, for example, have public businesses such as bars and pubs, a mid-to-high-end blender is an essential appliance that cannot be replaced in any way by a low-end blender, which would have lower performance.

As for the container, or rather, the carafe in high-quality blenders, it is always made of glass or metal. The material is very important as it is synonymous with the quality and maintenance of the organoleptic content. Many jugs are made in such a way as not to alter the nutritional composition of foods and are made for the most part in glass, as well as being always graduated so that those who use the blender can always keep track of all the content they are blending.


Very important as further aspect to be evaluated is the quality and quantity of blades. These are generally made of stainless steel since it is the most durable material ever, the only one that protects against bacterial proliferation and never rusts, as well as being the easiest to wash and sanitize.

The number of blades in high-end blenders is always around the number of 4-6 blades, and in any case, it is always interchangeable blade bodies. In fact, blenders of this kind always offer different blades to allow you to process different foods from each other, from meat to fruit. In any case, the greater the number of blades available, the better the final result, in the sense that the food will be made smooth and homogeneous in less time and with better consistency.

Dimensions of the blender

The size is not exactly an aspect proportional to the quality, but it is very difficult to find a blender that has a small jug and, in general, a compact and small body. This is true because the powerful engine cannot be small but it will certainly be more bulky than normal. In addition, the large jug is necessary to process a large amount of food and not a small amount as you could do at home. The highest quality blenders can also be portable and therefore more compact, but these are specific models, therefore equipped with containers and glasses, practical and manageable, made in order to make a trip simple.

High-quality blender power

In addition to the high-performance appearance, and the materials of excellent manufacture, it is essential that the power of the engine is also of the highest level; otherwise, we certainly cannot speak of a high-quality blender. So trying to save will not lead you to a great blender; it is good that we know it from the beginning. Instead, focus on an appliance that has a power that is at least 1200 watts. Only from this number on can you are sure of maximum performance. A performing engine translates in terms of functions into better compounds, less time of use to obtain the same result, the ability to process many types of food from the softest to the hardest and most fibrous ones, the ability to not leave lumps, and confidence that the engine does not overheat.

Furthermore, a high-wattage motor can also grind ice which is the element par excellence for those who have a public catering business and need a motor that runs for a long time and for elements that are also very difficult to grind.

AC blenders and DC blenders

If we talk about power we cannot fail to talk about alternating current and direct current as well. We must therefore make this distinction and understand which model to orient ourselves on, especially if we are looking for high-level quality. Alternating current blenders provide for lower consumption as the speed at which the blades rotate is significantly lower. Although it may seem like a defect, in reality, this is the best choice for a high-quality blender as these blenders guarantee zero risk of motor overheating and are among the most popular for professional purposes. Of course, the price is superior, but the reason is quickly explained.

Vacuum blender

One of the most performing blenders ever, which therefore has a performing motor and incredible functionality is the vacuum blender. This model, unlike all the others, is able to create a vacuum and therefore avoids incorporating air into the jug when we blend the food. This is, therefore, a great additional advantage that the blender offers since it acts by creating the favorable condition to ward off the process of bacterial proliferation, typical of compounds that have incorporated air. Avoiding the formation of air means avoiding the creation of foam and the separation between juice and pulp. The nutritional values of the smoothie remain unchanged and the smoothie itself is much more dense and full-bodied as well as tastier than any other compound.

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