15 Recipes for Tasty and Healthy Smoothies


Approaching the richest months of the year with regard to the availability of fresh fruits and seasonal, that can be used not only for the preparation of fresh and varied salads but also to make at home of really tasty smoothies and healthy, wealthy of vitamins and antioxidants, to be consumed as a snack or at breakfast to replace drinks and packaged products of various kinds. If you have organic fruit available, you won’t even waste the peel of apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, and so on.

Making smoothies can become a good daily habit, which will take very little time and will allow you to invent variations on the theme that are also appreciated by the little ones.

1. Banana smoothie

Add a banana cut into chunks, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, the pulp of an avocado, and a pinch of powdered ginger in the blender and operate it for a few minutes until the desired consistency is obtained. Depending on your tastes, you can also add the juice of half a lemon to the smoothie.

2. Blackberry and raspberry smoothie

It will be even better if prepared after a pleasant walk in the mountains spent picking these small and precious berries rich in antioxidants, which you will simply blend by adding enough water to them and, if you wish, a teaspoon of whole cane sugar to sweeten.

3. Fruit and vegetable smoothie

Leafy greens and vegetables such as carrots (previously boiled and left to cool) can also be part of a vitamin-rich smoothie. Combine to taste and according to your tastes in the mixer: kale and spinach leaves, carrots, banana slices, Greek yogurt or soy yogurt, and orange juice just enough to obtain the desired consistency for this drink.

4. Avocado and basil smoothie

Blend the pulp of a ripe avocado and four fresh basil leaves together with a glass of rice, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Add an ice cube if you want to get a refreshing drink.

5. Strawberry smoothie

It is the most classic of smoothies and will be even tastier if you can use strawberries coming directly from your garden or enrich it with freshly picked wild strawberries. Blend your strawberries accompanying everything with water and ice cubes to be added until the desired consistency is obtained. Add some lemon juice and sweeten to taste.

6. Spinach smoothie

The spinach smoothie is an easy way to add vegetables to your diet. Combine a handful of fresh spinach leaves, a sliced banana, four pitted dates, and a glass of vegetable milk in the blender. Dates and bananas should give the smoothie a good sweet taste, which will allow you to avoid adding sugar.

7. Green tea smoothie

Prepare this unusual smoothie using green tea left to cool as ingredients, a handful of lettuce leaves, sliced banana, and a pitted date. You will thus obtain a tasty drink enriched with the antioxidant properties of green tea.

8. Soy milk smoothie

It is a protein drink that you will get by blending 150 grams of diced tofu, two tablespoons of peanut butter, sliced banana, and a glass of natural soy milk. You can also add one or two ice cubes.

9. Blueberry smoothie

It will be even more delicious if you have the opportunity to prepare it using freshly picked blueberries. Blend 200 g of blueberries with a sliced banana and some ice cubes, adding just enough water until you get the desired consistency.

10. Almond and coconut smoothie

You will need the pulp of a medium-sized coconut, 250 ml of coconut milk or almond milk, a handful of peeled almonds soaked in water overnight, and four or five pitted dates. Blend everything by pouring the vegetable milk a little at a time according to the density you want to obtain.

11. Cocoa smoothie

This smoothie can become your kids’ favorite summer drink. To obtain it, simply combine 200 ml of almond or rice milk, a peach or two sliced plums, and two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder in the blender. It is sweetened with whole cane sugar or natural stevia powder, obtained by finely chopping some dried stevia leaves.

12. Watermelon smoothie

Blend 400 gr. of watermelon pulp, a handful of strawberries, and a spoonful of lemon juice together with a glass of freshwater. You can also add plenty of crushed ice to the drink to obtain an all-natural granita.

13. Kiwi smoothie

Blend two glasses of apple juice (better if obtained fresh with a centrifuge) with two kiwis, an apricot, and two sliced pears. Add some ice cubes and lemon juice to taste.

14. Pink grapefruit smoothie

You will need: a peeled pink grapefruit divided into wedges, a glass of rice milk, some ice cubes, and a spoonful of rice malt or agave syrup. Blend everything and serve fresh.

15. Lemon and ginger smoothie

You will need: two oranges, peeled and cut into wedges, a banana, a glass of vegetable yogurt, the juice of a lemon, a few pieces of fresh ginger, or a teaspoon of powdered ginger. Sweeten with brown sugar, blend, and enjoy.