Complete Guide to Blenders That Prepare Soups

Cream Soup

If you have a blender, making soup is actually the simplest thing you can do.

If you want to find out how much-untapped potential your blender has, then keep reading this guide: we’ll make a mouth-watering cream together!

Which blender to use for the soup

There are different types of a blender, and we know them well, but the ideal model to prepare the cream is the immersion one. This choice lies in the fact that the immersion blender works the mixture directly through a fragmentation that allows a soft, velvety result.

Unlike a whisk, for example, it does not mount the ingredients. It creates an amalgam similar to a less dense cream. The blades are among the most interesting features of a blender for the preparation of soups. The most powerful and even more expensive blades have 4 blades for thoroughly mixing food.

This particular blend is just what you need in velvety creams.
If you are wondering what kind of blender to use, we can tell you that hand blenders are more comfortable and practical than other devices that perform similar functions.

If you don’t have to prepare soup or a typically professional dish, you can choose the basic mixer model as long as the power is at least 400 watts, even if with only two blades: it will do its job well. There are also weaker but equally effective blenders, but they cannot shred all the food as they should. Finally: choose mixers with different speeds according to your needs.

Prepare the soup with a blender: that’s what you need

The soup usually contains about 3 different types of vegetables, to which you can add other ingredients, depending on your preferences. Eggs and cream are widely used in this recipe and can combine flavors together, tying them into a single compound.

The soup can be eaten without pasta or rice and differs from vegetable puree because the latter usually requires a lot more vegetables. Nothing prevents you from adding rice or other pasta in the kitchen. As you know, there are no rules. In principle, therefore, choose from one to three vegetables. They will be the main ingredients of your cream.

Other ingredients that can enrich your dish are:

  • boiled potato, oatmeal, or rice flour
  • salt and pepper
  • spices
  • water
  • oil
  • herbs

Among the suggested ingredients, you can note, in addition to seasonal vegetables, not only a particular type of flour but also boiled potato. The use of this addition, in truth, will serve to give your mixture the right consistency typical of this recipe. As an alternative to boiled potatoes, you can use a little rice or oat flour: it will give you the same effect.
Here is the recipe.

The recipe for cream soup with a blender

To prepare the veloute, proceed as follows. Choose the seasonal vegetables you like best and boil them with a potato. Alternatively, you can proceed to an exclusive boil of the vegetable you have chosen, without a lid to maintain the chromatic properties of the vegetables, and prepare some vegetable broth in a separate pan, inserting: a potato, a carrot, and onion in wedges, some celery.

Salt both ways to taste. Once the vegetables are properly boiled, proceed with the straining separating them from the cooking water. At this point, once the vegetables have cooled, you can add part of the vegetable broth and the boiled potato, or alternatively, just the broth and the oat or rice flour, instead of the potato, to thicken.

Mix everything with the hand blender, adding the broth to your liking.

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