Carrot juice: a satiating drink with a low-calorie intake

carrot juice benefits

Ally of tanning and sight, carrot juice is a drink rich in beneficial properties and suitable for everyone.

It is a drink full of benefits, to be enjoyed all year round. It is very popular both alone and together with other vegetables. Mine of active ingredients and easily digestible, it is suitable for everyone and has no particular contraindications. It can be easily prepared at home by having an extractor, centrifuge, or blender available.

Carrot juice nutritional values

From a nutritional point of view, it is very interesting. Rich in important mineral salts, such as potassium, iron, and magnesium, it is an excellent source of vitamins, especially those of group A.

Carrot juice calories

The juice obtained from these vegetables has a reduced calorie intake. About 39 kcal is taken in every 100 grams.

Carrot juice preparation

For a juice that is truly rich in benefits, it is preferable not to remove the peel. Therefore it is recommended to use organic carrots.

Alternatively, it is advisable to wash them thoroughly in cold water and bicarbonate and then scrub them with a hard plant-based brush.

Carrot juice with extractor

After cutting the clean carrots into pieces, they must be inserted into an extractor capable of separating the fiber from the juice. To get a tastier drink, you can also combine other ingredients, such as ginger, apples, or celery. We remind you that the extractor – among the various tools that allow you to obtain fruit and vegetable juices – is the one that leaves all the most important nutritional components most unaltered.

Carrot juice with blender

For those who do not have an extractor or a centrifuge, even the blender alone is sufficient for the preparation of juice.

Carrot juice preservation

To preserve homemade fruit juice, it is always preferable to use previously sterilized glass containers, especially if you intend to keep them for a long time. In this case, pasteurization is also recommended.

To avoid oxidation of the product, it is preferable to consume it a few minutes after preparation. This is especially true for centrifuges, to be drunk immediately after making.

In general, if consumed in a few days, it is good to keep the juice in the fridge. Unopened bottles can be kept for longer periods in the pantry in the dark.

When to drink it?

It can be consumed at any time of the day, for a snack or for a refreshing break. But drinking this juice in the morning, perhaps on an empty stomach, to maximize the benefits and get a good dose of energy to start the day.

Beneficial carrot juice

The benefits of carrots and their juice are numerous. Allies of the heart and sight help strengthen the immune defenses.

Furthermore, they allow to reduce of cholesterol and have a purifying action on the liver. The benefits of the skin and hair are also notable.

Thanks to beta-carotene, this drink helps to counteract skin aging and stimulates tanning.

Astringent carrot juice

Carrots have a good astringent effect. In particular, the juice is the basis of numerous detox waters.

Carrot juice gastritis

This juice is also a natural remedy useful for counteracting or relieving the symptoms of gastritis and reflux.

Carrot juice makes you lose weight

With its high satiating power and low-calorie intake, this juice is an ideal ally for anyone trying to lose weight.

Carrot juice for the skin

We can speak of some juices, such as carrot-based juices, as real smoothies for the skin. In fact, even the skin can benefit from the remarkable properties of vegetables and fruit.

In particular, carrot helps promote wound healing and reduce the tendency of the skin to dry out. In fact, it maintains better hydration of the skin, revitalizing it. So green light to

Suntan carrot juice

Thanks to the presence of beta-carotenoids, carrots are also winning allies to promote a better tan. In fact, they help to counteract sunburn and improve resistance to sunlight.

Carrot juice hair

Even for the hair, the consumption of this juice can prove to be marvelous by improving its growth.

Carrot juice in pregnancy

This drink is highly recommended during the period of pregnancy. Consuming the juice improves both mother’s and baby’s health.

Carrot juice and diabetes

Diabetic subjects can consume carrots and unsweetened juice as long as you limit their intake and do not exceed the doses.

Carrot juice contraindications

The consumption of juice has no particular contraindications. As with other foods, it is good to avoid excessive consumption.

The only risk encountered is that of carotenosis, i.e., an exaggerated accumulation of beta-carotene in the skin. This could result in a yellowish complexion in those affected.