Blenders with Cable or Without?

Blenders are very useful appliances in people’s homes, and today they are both in the kitchen for those who love to cook and for those who do not have time to devote to culinary recipes. For this reason, they are looking for a product that can help with super quick lunches and snacks.

Therefore, as you can imagine, blenders are not all the same: there are small and portable blenders and larger, performing blenders complete with a cable to be connected to allow functionality. In addition to the classic blender with a traditional shape, there are also hand blenders, which are smaller and more compact and have a totally different shape, as they consist of a long shaft and a motor above it and blades at the lower end. The beauty and the advantage of this kind of blender lie in the fact that it can be immersed directly inside the container or pot where we are cooking and then blend anything without having to think about the glass or plastic jug. And pouring into the latter and subsequently from this to the pot or plate.

Cordless blender: advantages

In this guide, we will try to give you an idea of what the blenders with cable and without are and the advantages of one and the other model. Cordless blenders can be divided into immersion models and traditional shape ones. The latter is mostly used for those who travel often and who have to bring the blender with them to be able.

The blenders with a classic shape but without cable, on the other hand, are mostly “portable” models and are useful for those who do outdoor sports and are looking for a solution to carry comfortably with them in the moment of post-work-out recovery or for those who have lunch in the office and do not always want to eat the first thing that happens but choose to eat well: these blenders offer the opportunity to blend all the contents quickly and with a simple button and to do so automatically. The same jug in which we insert the food to be blended then detaches and separates from the machine body to be carried in the bag with you.

Cordless blender with battery and rechargeable

Thanks to the fact that there is no cable or wires, the cordless blender are absolutely practical and simple to use and handle. If we want to give a single adjective to this kind of blender, we can say that it is the word “practical.” These models are equipped with a battery or are rechargeable via USB and therefore offer double socket possibilities. If your batteries run out and you can’t get more at any given time, you will always have the option of recharging at the mains or at the USB port. This is another distinctive feature of these appliances: they can work well both at home and away from home, in the office, or on the go. At home, they can also be used as furniture items as they are small, compact, and beautiful to look at and have their own charm around.

However, there is a small note of differentiation between those that are battery-powered blenders and those that are rechargeable via USB. In fact, these appliances are lighter than battery-operated blenders, making this a peculiar feature to pay attention to when making your choice.

Cordless hand blender

In addition to the traditional cordless blender, there is also the cordless immersion blender and therefore equipped with a charger, graduated glass, mixer, and battery and blades to be able to carry out all the operations that are performed with the traditional immersion blender. The batteries in both models (immersion and traditional classic) are lithium batteries and can last, in the best case, half an hour continuously at a single speed. The more expensive models have much higher features such as automatic closing, the “one touch” that allows you to operate the blades with a single touch, and the ability to remove the blades. The more advanced models have blades in removable and dishwasher-safe stainless steel.

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