Blender with Whisk

Hand Blender with Whisk

The blender with whips is one of the most versatile, useful, and popular appliances in kitchens. It is a beater, and for this reason, it is also referred to simply as an electric mixer. It has the advantage of being practical and manageable at the same time and of being able to make many types of doughs and emulsions in a short time as a base for condiments, sauces, and bases for sweets, biscuits, and savory pie doughs. The efficiency and power of an electric mixer or whisk blender reside in the wattage and, therefore, in the motor and whisk, which are, in most cases, interchangeable and, therefore, able to offer greater versatility in terms of culinary creations.

Achievements in the kitchen with a blender with whisk

The whisk or blender is used for many preparations or better to make the base of some dishes that require more complex preparation and, therefore, pizzas, sponge cakes, and biscuits that generally require the emulsion of yeast, flour, and eggs. , milk, and many other special ingredients. The action of the whips, in this sense, is fundamental and plays a fundamental role depending on the power of the motor and the speed that the mixer offers, but also on the type of whips that the blender mounts and how well they are made. We can idealize and think about how well our dish can be.

The action of the whips is an action that takes place on itself and around the mix of ingredients thanks to the movement of our hands. In this way, we can be sure to make our dishes light and fluffy and to perfectly homogenize all the ingredients. With the blender with whips, we can make a good homemade custard, a Chantilly cream, or a chocolate glaze. Knead the shortcrust pastry to make biscuits, but again, by changing the whips, we can also get a perfect snow whipping or an excellent homemade mayonnaise for our children or to keep in the refrigerator to season the most delicious dishes from time to time.

Types of whips and actions

The whips are among the most important elements as they simplify the action on a practical level. Depending on the ingredient to be processed, we can decide whether to operate a whisk or another. Today, electric blenders and mixers can vary a lot from each other in power but also in the type of whisk that mounts the same machine body. Some of them differ in the quality of the materials, but above all, in the number and types of whips, they offer. Depending on its shape, the whip can perform a different action. It is good to know the various types of action in order to understand what to do and which whip to mount.

Emulsion: the emulsion is the operation that brings some droplets of a liquid to enter and mix with another liquid. Generally, these two liquids can not be mixed together as they have different densities. But the emulsion is precisely the dispersion of the droplets of one of these liquids into the other. A practical example of an emulsion is what we do by preparing mayonnaise and emulsifying vinegar, lemon, and egg yolk. These three elements should be emulsified with each other with a special whisk that has a round ring at its end.

Whipping: Whipping in the kitchen means simply mixing with some vigor. Generally, there is no other ingredient in the term: for example, the eggs are beaten alone.

Assembly: instead, whipping means that our ingredient incorporates air and therefore becomes frothy and changes in volume as it increases. For example, whipping cream and egg whites create the base for the desserts.

Dough: the dough is instead the process that sees the mixing of different ingredients such as eggs, flour, and milk but, above all, harder elements such as flour to create bases for desserts.

Why use an electric mixer in the kitchen?

We know for sure that the trick to making delicious desserts is to whisk the egg yolks well and gently incorporate the perfectly whipped egg whites. The use of the electric mixer with the double whisk becomes a quick and easy tool to store in the pantry or to keep in plain sight on the hob. It is a very versatile appliance, and it can be used for both sweets and dough. There are many models of electric mixers on the market, and the distinction revolves around brands, prices, and accessories.

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Requirements for a good blender with whips

In order to be considered a good product and a good appliance, a blender equipped with whips must, as we said earlier, be equipped with a good motor. Compared to other blenders with jug or bowl, this kind of mixer does not require who knows how many watts to be able to perform its functions in the best possible way. The best hand mixer with whips can reach a maximum of 450-500 watts of power and start from a minimum of 150-200 watts.

In addition to the power, it is important that the electric mixer also has certain handling and practicality of use as it is an accessory that must be inserted in the kitchen and is to be handled personally for the preparation of many recipes. In addition to the manageability that will be evaluated on the basis of the ergonomic grip and the length of the mixer, it is also necessary to have a certain simplicity in the maintenance, cleaning, and washing operations. The best hand mixers with whips have the option to disassemble the hooks and wash them in the dishwasher. Of course, the body should be hand washed as it contains the engine, but this is generally not a big problem.

Whip materials: which one is the best?

In consideration of the last aspect to be evaluated in choosing the best whisk and the best blenders with whips, it is also good to pay attention to the construction materials. Generally, the accessories and interchangeable whips are offered in the package and are present in different forms: from the classic spiral to the more particular ones that work sauces and emulsions. The choice of material can fall on soft food-grade plastic, silicone, or metal (stainless steel) which is generally the most appreciated and popular for its qualities in terms of hygiene and durability over time.