Blender for Home Use

Blender for Home Use

The blender is probably a utensil you already have in your kitchen. However, it is possible that you are trying to get to know this appliance better in order to choose a new one. That is why we have compiled this practical guide that will allow you to decide in the best possible way the choice of your kitchen utensil. The blender is a product consisting of a motor and a large jug. In the inner part of the jug or outside it and immediately above the motor, there are blades, which in most cases are made of stainless steel. These have the main function of the blender, namely that of shredding and shredding food finely by reducing it to a pulp. Most people use the blender to create fruit and vegetable-based smoothies, but the functionality of these appliances can be much wider and can also be used to grind ice or to prepare aromatic herbs and creams-based condiments. Smoothies are very important in the diet of all of us as they allow in a short time to obtain compounds rich in fiber and nutrients that are immediately useful to our body, especially if we are following a low-calorie diet and intend to lose weight. The blender is essential if we have children who, as we know, are a little reluctant, at least in the childhood period, to eat particularly fibrous foods such as vegetables. If we want to create baby food or make homemade ice cream with fruit, this appliance will be very useful.

How to choose the right home blender for us

In order to choose the best blender, it is necessary to start from some basic evaluation criteria, that is, the requirements to be evaluated and considered when choosing. One of these fundamental criteria is certainly the price, but this cannot be the only aspect as it is closely linked to the quality of the blender. These appliances are on the market in a variety of models that can be useful and less useful depending on your personal needs. In fact, there are other less powerful blenders, plastic and glass blenders, or large and small blenders.


First of all, therefore, we will evaluate the relationship between quality and price and if the product meets our needs, which must be found above all in the frequency of use and in the type of food we intend to work with. For example, if we know that the blender will serve us to blend hot foods to make condiments and baby food, we would do well to carefully choose a glass jug or a quality plastic that is free of bisphenol A (a highly toxic substance released by poor plastic when it comes into contact with heat) and is therefore certified. The same blades must strictly be in stainless steel, which is the only material capable of keeping germs and bacteria away as well as impossible to rust.


For frequent use, it is also good to consider the power: in fact, a very performing engine is able to work for a long time (even for more than 5 minutes ) without overheating. If, on the other hand, you already know that your use will be sporadic, you will have no problem orienting yourself on basic models with standard power even below 500 watts. Good power typically ranges between 500 and 1000 watts. Depending on the power, the price will vary quite a lot, swinging upwards for the high-power models, but this will surely give you a good advantage in terms of performance.

Blender accessories

As we have been able to understand and see by looking at the various product options, blenders are not all the same: some are equipped with accessories, while others simply respond to basic needs. However, on the market, there are blenders that are completely removable and that allow them to be washed effectively in the dishwasher. Some models are even cordless and are, therefore battery powered. Some others have an airtight seal that allows you to protect yourself from splashes. The biggest advantages are found instead in the multifunction blenders that allow you to crush the ice and create the ” vacuum ” condition to avoid the formation of air. Which, as we know, is the enemy of bacteria (a fundamental element in preparing food suitable for children or to be kept for a few more days in the refrigerator).

Chopper blender

You are probably looking for a blender that is simply capable of finely chopping certain foods such as fruit and vegetables, as you may not want to be chopping vegetables on the cutting board to prepare a sauté. In these cases, the blender chopper is your ideal solution as it will allow you to work ice and vegetables well quickly and without risk for the blades that will be hard and resistant to the point of not giving you any problems. The blender chopper is perfect in winter to create tasty soups and vegetable soups, but also in summer to prepare perfect compounds for the base of your ice creams or for the preparation of fruit and vegetable smoothies for your guests and children.

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