10 Best Centrifugal Juicers of 2023

The best centrifugal juicers are a great gadget for those who want to take care of health with fruit juice. It’s efficient and powerful.

Let’s face it, and there is nothing better than fresh fruit juice made yourself at home! The benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables for our health are well established. And drinking juice is a very accessible and fun way to consume it.

Home-made fruit juices will be much richer in energy and taste and will perfectly retain all the nutritional qualities of food. What to bring you everything you need to be in shape all year round

Because you certainly know it, industrial fruit juices are far from being perfectly healthy for our health. These fruit juices are often loaded with sugar (more than in some sodas) and, in addition, are low in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Best of all, if I may say so, they could dramatically increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and stroke.

Therefore, the best solution is to make your own fresh juices, choosing quality products, preferably organic and untreated, to obtain all the benefits! And the easiest and fastest way is undoubtedly to use a centrifuge! It is a device that works thanks to a high speed of rotation (called the centrifugal force) to extract juice from fruits or vegetables without having to peel them first. The appliance turns so fast that it grinds the food against the bottom grid, the sieve. Basically, it even allows you to make fresh juice in the morning even if you are not quite awake.

Therefore, the best solution is to make your own fresh juices, choosing quality products, preferably organic and untreated, to obtain all the benefits!

If you are fond of these natural drinks, it is vital to invest in appliances like centrifugal juicers.

What are the best and highest quality options to weigh in mind?

Worry no more, as you came to the right place!

Top 10 Best Centrifugal Juicers

1. Joerid Juice Extractor

Joerid Centrifugal Juicers For Vegetable and Fruit

Joerid Juice Extractor, Juice Maker For Vegetable and Fruits

Joerid is robust. Built with a 600w motor, it is dependable and will never be a disappointment.

Joerid does not take up too much space at home. It is also easy to use and easy to clean.

It also features a juice jug container and adjustable spout you would love throughout the years. What’s more, it is a juicer machine you can boast.

2. Hilax Big Mouth Chute Centrifugal Juicer

The Best Centrifugal Juicer - Easy Clean BPA-Free Stainless Steel High Juice Yield

Hilax Big Mouth Chute Centrifugal Juicer Machine

Hilax is one of the popular products in the market. You can prepare your favorite drinks in the kitchen, living room, or patio, depending on what you prefer.

Also, Hilax does not produce too much noise when running. You can juice some fruits in your fridge while finishing your paperwork.

It is built with a 700w motor that can rotate around 18,000 times per minute.

3. Sagnart Juicer Machine

Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor for Whole Fruit and Vegetables

Sagnart Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor for Fruit and Vegetables

As a fan of fruit and veggie juice, you want the best extractor. There is no need to look further than Sagnart.

Its capacity is around 15.2 fl that lets you prepare enough for you and your family.

Constructed with stainless steel and food-grade components, Sagnart is safe to use. It is free of BPA and other toxic materials.

Although it comes with a 280w motor, Sagnart is still a powerful extractor you cannot underestimate.

That’s not all! It is available with an anti-drip capacity and locking knob.

4. KOIOS 1200w Juicer Machine

KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Easy to Clean and 100% BPA-Free, 1200W and Powerful

KOIOS 1200w Juicer Machine

Aside from blenders, KOIOS also offers juicing extractor, and consumers cannot help but fall in love with its variety of products because of its cutting-edge functionality.

With its 1200w of power, it can ensure higher juice yield for your colleagues, close friends, and family.

The feed chute, on the other hand, is extra-large, making it user-friendly and convenient.

It is also made with a locking mechanism to avoid spilling.

5. HERRCHEF Juicer Machine

HERRCHEF Juicer Machines

HERRCHEF Juicer Machine

If you are looking for a juicer that efficiently extracts healthy juice, this one is a perfect choice. This 600W juice is corrosion resistant.

It has 304 stainless-steel sharp blades as well as a precision filter. Thus more juices are extracted due to less clogging. This eliminates foaming.

It comes with two different speeds that can be changed easily; 13000 to 17000 RPM, ideal for soft fruits and veggies, and 17000 to 21000 ideal for hard foods like tomato, apple, carrot, etc.

It has a safety lock design and automatically shutdowns once it exceeds 105 degrees.

6. KOIOS 800w Juicer Machine

Centrifugal Juice Extractor Easy Clean with Wide Mouth Feed Chute

KOIOS Centrifugal Juice Extractor Easy Clean with Wide Mouth Feed Chute

Vitamin C deficiency is prevalent across the globe. Proper diet can play a significant role. Eating citrus fruits and some vegetables is perfect. But sometimes, they do not appeal to appetizing. Why don’t you try juicing? KOIOS may help.

KOIOS juicer Packed with 304 stainless steel, it is impact-resistant and long-lasting.

It can also compete with other brands in terms of power. It features an 800w motor.

7. SHARDOR Juice Extractor

SHARDOR Centrifugal Juicer with Wide 3'' Feed Chute

SHARDOR Juice Extractor

Powdered juice extract is available on the market.

Do not stick to that and try something more natural. Let SHARDOR achieve your goal and make your dream physique happen.

It comes with a 400w motor to produce juice from veggies and fruits.

It also has a two-speed system. Its low speed also ranges between 13000 and 15000 RPM.

It is suitable for hard fruits like apples, oranges, kale, and carrots.

Its feed chute is wider and can accept any peeled fruits. There is no need to cut them into pieces, saving your time.

8. Breville JE98XL Juicer

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer

Breville JE98XL Juicer

JE98XL remains a great choice. Its chute, for instance, is large enough for large pieces of fruits.

How about the power? It is equipped with an 850w motor that you can rely on whatever juicing recipe you crave every day.

JE98XL features two speeds. So, you can adjust its power depending on what you need.

The pulp collector also has a large capacity you would enjoy.

9. Bagotte Compact Juice Extractor

Bagotte Juice Extractor 400w

Bagotte Juice Extractor 400w

Bagotte Compact Juicer Extractor has a simple and beautiful design, easy to set up and clean.

It is integrated with a safety lock design as well as overheating protection.

The safety lock unit for switching is made to ensure safety and reliability. If the temp exceeds 105 degrees, this will stop automatically.

With a 3-inch feed chute, you can put in a whole pear or apple for juicing. It has a high-grade stainless-steel cutting disc, which reduces foaming and yield higher juice.

This juicer is also integrated with dual-speed modes and an anti-drip function.

10. Bextcok Centrifugal Juicer Machine

Bextcok Centrifugal Juicer Machines

Bextcok Centrifugal Juicer

This is a juicer from Bextcok; It comes with an 800W motor and stainless-steel superfine filter reinforced with titanium blades, specially created to reduce foaming and high yield on juice and precise nutrient extraction.

The 3-inch wife feed mouth lets you juice whole apple or orange without cutting into pieces, thus saving you preparation time.

This is also easy to install, use, as well as clean.

What are the advantages of the centrifugal juicer?

Having a juicer is a very good investment. Indeed, this device has many significant advantages:

  • Easy to use: The juicer is easy to use. All you have to do is put the fruit or vegetables in the appliance’s chimney and then turn it on. Many models even allow the use of whole fruits or vegetables, which reduces the preparations to be made.
  • Time-saving: This device runs at high speed to extract the juice from your fruits quickly. Your juice will therefore be ready in just a few seconds. In addition, if you choose a juicer with an extra-wide chute, you don’t need to cut up fruits and vegetables, which saves a lot of time.
  • Versatility: The juicer is not only dedicated to fruits. It is also effective for mixing different types of vegetables to vary the pleasure and fill up with vitamins and nutrients. Some models will even give you the option of making smoothies and coulis.
  • Pulp recovery: With a centrifuge, the pulp is collected separately, resulting in a clear juice. Not to mention that some pulps can be used to make other vitamin recipes.

How to use a centrifugal juicer?

Before any first use, it is important to read the instructions for the use of the device. It will help you learn more about what you can and cannot do with it. In all cases, the principle remains simple. First of all, it will be necessary to assemble all the parts of the machine as indicated in its instructions.

Once everything is in place, check that it is securely plugged into an outlet. Then make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the fruit or vegetables to be squeezed before putting them into the juicer chimney. If the food is too big, it will be necessary to cut it into pieces. Select the pressure speed suitable for your preparation and push the food into the funnel using the pusher. When you’re done, don’t forget to unplug the device.

Here are the important 5 Decisive factors for choosing the centrifugal juicers

1. Dimensions

In a centrifuge, the size factor concerns various elements from which it is clear whether the product selected for purchase is really suitable for your needs: this factor does not only indicate how much space the centrifuge will occupy in your kitchen, but also how large the tank is. For pulp and how much juice the appliance is able to prepare in a single process.

Let’s analyze in detail these two main aspects to consider.

1.2 Measurements and weight

By dimensions, we mean the actual overall dimensions of the centrifuge: that is, it is necessary to evaluate its height, width, and depth to ensure that there is enough space available to place the desired appliance and to be able to use it with absolute freedom of movement. The weight is also one of the measures to be checked since many users do not leave the centrifuge in a stable position but take it and put it away with each use, an operation which, in the presence of a very heavy model, can become less easy and take longer.

2.1 Juice extraction capacity

The size factor also includes the capacity a fruit and vegetable juicer can offer in terms of the amount of juice prepared at a time. On the market, in fact, we find models capable of producing 500 ml or a little less of juice up to exceeding 2 liters without having to empty the pulp collection container. For this reason, it is very important to identify immediately what capacity is really needed, based on the amount of centrifuge that will be prepared on the number of people.

For which you will want to prepare some juice, and, above all, how much time you want to devote to this operation: in fact, if, for example, you bought a centrifuge with a medium or small capacity and you wanted to prepare more than a liter of juice, you would have to carry out more of a process to obtain the desired amount of centrifuged, while the more capacious models offer the convenient advantage of being able to take advantage of a lot of centrifuged prepared in one go and ready to drink immediately.

2. Performance

The performance factor is very important to evaluate for choosing the fruit and vegetable centrifuge that best suits your needs: it refers to the speed and power with which it can work. These two elements translate into a greater or lesser versatility of the appliance since they affect the possibility of centrifuging all types of ingredients.

Let’s see in detail how to analyze the correlation between these two elements, power, and speed, to find the ideal centrifuge for your needs.

2.1 Power

It is expressed in Watts, and the higher it is, the faster and more powerful the centrifuge will be able to work. On the market, there are models with very different power, from 200 W to about 1000 W; this allows a wide choice according to your needs. Not necessarily poor power is synonymous with poor quality; rather, you must always evaluate the wattage in light of the use you want to make of the centrifuge.

If your need is to prepare a juice from time to time, perhaps for one or two people, without processing particularly fibrous vegetables or fruits, then a model with reduced power will be suitable and will be able not to disappoint expectations. Furthermore, we must not forget that the less powerful models offer the great advantage of consuming less electricity. For a family use or to work a wider range of foods, on the other hand, one should necessarily go towards more powerful models.

2.2 Speed

That is the speed with which the blades that make up the internal mechanism of each centrifuge rotate. Most of the centrifuges in the low and medium price range do not offer the possibility to choose between different processing speeds, unlike those in the medium-high and high range, which instead allow the user to select the desired speed, and the choice is usually between two different values.

This parameter is especially important if you want to work harder or more on fibrous fruit and vegetables: therefore, the possibility of selecting the processing speed translates, in concrete terms, into greater versatility of the appliance.

3. Practicality of use

The ease of use is, for many people, the most important factor when choosing a juicer for fruit and vegetables.

If, in fact, you plan to use this small appliance with a certain frequency, perhaps on a daily basis or even in several moments of the same day, there is certainly a need to use a tool that is convenient and quick to use. Let’s look at what are the elements that make a centrifuge very practical:

3.1 Width of the food insertion tube

On the market, we find products with tubes of variable dimensions, with diameters from about 5 cm to about 10 cm, which has a decisive influence on the speed of execution of the fruit and vegetable centrifugation. An ‘ opening for the introduction of ingredients wide makes it possible to insert them into pieces very large or even no need to cut them previously, while smaller cracks obviously make it necessary to reduce the fruit or vegetables that you want to work in small pieces, thus lengthening the preparation times.

3.2 Presence of an anti-drip spout

It makes the process of preparing your own juices much more practical since this small additional component avoids the spilling of juice when the appliance is in operation and also allows you to pour the juice directly into a glass or of any container that you want to use, even if low or wide, without dirtying the support surface. While it is possible to find a wide opening for inserting food even in centrifuges belonging to an economical price range, the presence of the drip spout is instead generally a prerogative of the more expensive models, placed in a medium and high price range, as it represents a convenient extra that is not essential to the functionality of the appliance, but certainly makes its use much easier and more practical.

3.3 Transparent lid

the vast majority of centrifuges is equipped with one, and this is certainly a point in favor of the appliance that, in this way, allows you to monitor in an easy manner the process of processing fruits and vegetables

3.4 Non-slip or suction cup feet

their presence allows the centrifuge to remain firmly on the surface during operation

4. Maintenance

Also, the ease of maintenance is a factor to consider very carefully, especially if you look for a centrifuge for fruits and vegetables daily use. There is no need for major maintenance on a centrifuge, and rather it is necessary to dedicate oneself carefully to washing all its components, to have an appliance always in optimal conditions for each new use (also not to mix the flavors or any residues of foods different from each other and previously processed).

Before proceeding with the purchase of a centrifuge, it is necessary to consider how much time and effort you will have to dedicate to cleaning them in order to ensure a product that is practical and easy to rinse. The centrifuge is also a device that must necessarily be washed after each use, precisely, for this reason, it is necessary to check whether all the components of the model that you want to buy are removable and washable in a dishwasher in order to make the cleaning process as simple and as fast as possible: we suggest paying particular attention to the maintenance required by the filter.

An important advantage offered by some high-end models is the automatic cleaning function: this is a particular program that allows a preliminary rinse of the appliance so as to minimize any manual cleaning and avoid having to invest time to remove any accumulation of pulp from the cracks of the filter or container.

5. Accessories

The accessories factor conditions, even if partially reduced, the choice of the centrifuge for fruit and vegetables that best suits your needs; a good accessory kit, in fact, embellishes the product, making its use more practical and comfortable. However, the presence of a greater number of accessories also affects the final price of the centrifuge. The range of accessories that can be found supplied with a centrifuge in most cases is simply limited to the glasses and/or jugs that are added to the package by the manufacturer. This kind of component is clearly not functional in nature but rather represents a handy extra that completes the centrifuge.

Are the materials important?

As with many household appliances, when buying a centrifuge, it is also important to keep in mind the correlation between the quality of the materials used and the performance and longevity of the appliance. The body of these machines can be made of different types of plastics (more or less resistant), stainless steel, or metal. Clearly, as the type of material used varies, not only the value of the centrifuge and its price vary, but also the strength and size of the appliance.

Most of the most popular centrifuges currently on the market are made entirely of resistant plastic, which does not necessarily mean choosing a less valid product; rather, the difference lies in the type of performance that the machine can offer, and, above all, in the resistance over time: the removable plastic containers, for example, typical of low and medium-range models, will tend to become opaque over time, while those made of glass, they certainly cost more, but will keep better and longer.

So choose based on how much you are willing to invest and, above all, according to the frequency and the use you want to make of your appliance. It should also be remembered that the operation of a centrifuge includes a mechanism of more or less small and rotating blades that move at high speed, also generating a certain heat and, above all, being in contact with food that we will then eat: for this reason, it is important to check the quality of the alloys of which the mechanism is also composed inside the machine.

Clearly, as the type of material used varies, the value of the centrifuge and its price vary, and the strength and size of the appliance.

How to maintain your centrifugal juicer?

One of its main advantages is the easy cleaning of the centrifuge. Indeed, all the removable parts of it go without problem in the dishwasher, allowing you to save considerable time. You can also clean them by hand using a sponge and washing up liquid.

Also, do not forget to empty the pulp collection container after each use of the centrifuge. Only the structure and the engine block are not to be submerged in water. To do this, use a cloth soaked in water or a wet sponge to wipe the stains stuck on the structure of the device, then dry it with a dry cloth.

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Centrifugal juicers are no longer a rarity in the modern kitchen appliance market. Its use makes it possible to significantly speed up the juice extraction process and make it incredibly simple. However, this type of device contains some features, which consist in the impossibility of storing the finished juice for more than 20-30 minutes. This can be a serious problem for some people, but it will be an advantage for those who prefer to use fresh juice and full of vitamins.