Benefits of Having a Personal Size Blender

Benefits of Personal Size Blenders

Among the appliances you absolutely must have, there is undoubtedly the blender, a clever accessory that allows you to save time and effort in the kitchen.

The blender is less demanding and less bulky than the food processor, but it’s super versatile and useful. Indispensable for preparing smoothies or smoothies, the blender can also be a valid ally for vegetable soups, baby food, and many other recipes.

Having a portable size blender certainly offers a surprising number of benefits that you may not have even considered. I can make sure the family maintains a healthy diet during the holidays; travel does not interfere with your normal eating habits. Carrying a portable blender along with our luggage allows you to mix fresh fruits and vegetables during your trip.

Blenders with USB connections work anywhere! Imagine making smoothies in your office, or why not in the gym after a training session?

Stay Healthy – Mixing smoothies is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get your daily dose of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and other vital components. I don’t have to follow fad diets, weigh ingredients, or eat bland foods. I can choose from a wide range of exotic flavors, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains and create delicious and nutritious meal replacements and snacks in no time.

They are ideal for small kitchens! I have a friend who has a small kitchen but loves to cook. I was at a loss for a gift idea until I thought of a portable blender.

Portable Blenders Save Money When You’re Away from Home: After a tiring day of visiting a new destination, the last thing we want to do as a family is rush and find a restaurant for dinner.

You can also mix and match fruits, vegetables, grains, and seeds to create delicious, exotic summer drinks or comforting winter soups. You have to give portable blenders a try!

What is a cordless blender?

Battery-operated blenders are blenders that do not connect to a conventional electrical power source. Instead, they get power from the batteries built into the blender.

The batteries are recharged through a standard USB port that can be found as an accessory for the car, in a laptop, desktop computer, electronic device, USB hub, or power bank.

Most of these blenders are compact and lightweight. They pack easily and fit in your luggage. They are ideal for camping trips, day trips, and weekend getaways.

Smoothie fans can take them to the gym and fitness center to use after a workout. They are easy to take to the office and make a delicious meal at lunchtime.

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Because they are much less noisy than countertop models, you will not disturb your colleagues.

Is your kitchen small and modern? Do you live in a fancy city apartment that has limited workspace?

A cordless blender is an ideal option for you. Store it in a drawer and take it out when needed. It won’t take up any permanent space on a countertop.

How is the battery-operated blender different?

Cordless blenders differ from countertop models in 3 main features:


If you go into stress mode when faced with an appliance that has dozens of settings, buttons, and programs, a battery-powered blender puts you at ease.


These mixing machines are small, compact, and lightweight. They are made to pack quickly and fit in a suitcase, picnic bag, or backpack. They are ideal for taking on vacation, to the office, or on a field trip.

Low speeds

Cordless mixers have less energy than electric mixers. Don’t expect your blender to cope well with heavy functions like crushing ice or large fruit seeds.

These models are easy to use. Turn on and blend. They rarely come with additional accessories. You won’t have to worry about putting in or changing cups, blades, sieves, containers, and other parts.

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So here are some aspects to pay attention to in order to better orient yourself in the purchase:

  • Space available: A feature not to be underestimated is the size of the blender based on the space you have in the kitchen: if you are looking for a model to store in the cupboard, go for compact blenders; the extra tip? If you use it often and need to keep it in plain sight, choose one with a refined design, able to give a touch of style to the kitchen.
  • Usage: The first question you need to ask yourself concerns the main use you want to make of it; if you only need to prepare the classic smoothies, you can focus on a traditional blender, simple and inexpensive, perhaps even in a portable version; if, on the other hand, you need an appliance that can also be used for shredding or crushing ice, choose multifunction models, more expensive but certainly easier to use.
  • Power and speed: If, on the other hand, what matters most to you is performance, before buying the blender, carefully evaluate the motor power, usually expressed in Watts but be careful: to get better performance and avoid overheating, focus on an alternating model current.

Another feature that can affect the choice is also the presence of accessories that can facilitate its use, such as special blades or vases of different materials.