Advantages and Disadvantages of the Smoothie Machine

pros and cons of smoothie machine

No machine is completely perfect, and this is also true for the blenders for making smoothies. It is important to know exactly what you want and need to find the right one among all the different models, but in general, smoothie machines have both advantages and disadvantages that you must take into account before you buy.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • They are not silent. No matter how expensive the model is, you can not get away from the sound like ice when it is crushed. The engine buzzes, the vegetables slowly but surely become pureed, and all these sounds. But you can reduce the damage by reading about the tests performed and choosing a model that is not so loud.
  • The less powerful engines may not be able to do everything you would like to blend. If the appliance stops in the middle of the work, you must remove the lid and help redistribute the food with a ladle or similar before putting it on again.
  • Cleaning them can be difficult, especially if you plan on using them daily.

The advantages usually outweigh these disadvantages, and with a lot:

  • You can enjoy a wholesome breakfast every day.
  • You do not lose nutrients through heat – everything goes into the jug raw and real, so you can enjoy the power of vegetables to the fullest.
  • It takes less than five minutes to make a smoothie, especially if you prepared it the day before by washing, cutting, and freezing fruits and vegetables.
  • You save money by making your own oat milk or soy milk instead of buying canned.
  • A good blender can be used for more than just smoothies: for example, if you are baking muffins, you can avoid lots of dishes by mixing the batter in the blender and then just pouring it into the molds, and if you are cooking fish pudding or meat pie is a powerful blender a great way to avoid grinding the meat by hand. Just make sure you wash the jug and knife very carefully afterward.
  • Do you like cocktails? A blender can work great for making really tasty and fresh drinks on a hot summer day!

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How do I find the right smoothie blender?

There are lots of different models of smoothie blenders on the market, all at different prices and with varying functions. But you probably do not just want to go out and buy the first best that you see, but you want to make sure that the device you get home will really give you value for money. We help you by providing a list of the things you should keep in mind when choosing: what do you need to make sure of, and what should you preferably avoid?

  • What are you going to use the device for? If it is mainly smoothies, you should have it, and a simpler variant may be the blender for you. They cost a little less, do not take up much space, and are very easy to handle. However, if you want to be able to run anything in the blender, you have to think about the number of functions it has: will the appliance be able to cover all your needs?
  • The look. What will it look like at home on the kitchen counter? How much space does it take up? Details like these have absolutely no effect on how good the smoothie will be, but the aesthetic should not be neglected. The less space it takes up on your kitchen counter, the less likely it is that you will be bothered that it is “constantly in the way,”; and who wants something ugly and awkward to take up permanent residence on something as eye-catching as the kitchen counter?
  • The engine. If you want to spend a little extra money on a good purchase, it is time to check what is on the label with the manufacturer’s information. The best smoothie blenders with the most powerful engines can pulverize ice cream, hard vegetables, and even nuts. If you like to follow different exotic recipes when you cook, this may be something for you, as you will, for example, be able to make milk on coconut or nuts yourself instead of buying processed.
  • The cleaning process. How easy is it to disassemble the appliance to clean it? Some of the best in test smoothie blenders are fairly easy to unscrew. Not so for others – and there are also models that do not dishwasher safe and must therefore be cleaned by hand.

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Taking care of your smoothie machine

A green smoothie can be creamy and tasty, with a lovely color – and an empty blender jug after breakfast also has green, creamy, and sticky remnants of smoothie that can be both hard and disgusting to clean. If you also start with the good habit of eating a smoothie a day, the cleaning process can even seem daunting, especially if you did not choose the smoothie machine that was best in the test and then discovers that your model is very difficult to remove. But it does not have to be that difficult: here, you will learn a smart trick to clean the blender in just a few minutes.

  • Rinse the blender jug with plain water quickly as soon as you have emptied it.
  • When it is time to wash, fill the jug to ¾ with warm water.
  • Add a few drops of detergent, and run at medium speed for a few minutes. The soapy water will be heavily rinsed around in the jug and also clean the hard-to-reach pieces between the knives.
  • Drain the dishwater and rinse – that’s it! You do not have to disassemble the appliance, you do not have to stick your fingers in the sticky impurity, and you do not even have to think about touching the sharp knives. The blender should only dry a little now, and then it is ready for the next use.

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